Kyle O'Connor (born August 25, 1993), better known by his stage name, Kamiikaze is an Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Entrepreneur. Kamiikaze is from Miami Gardens, FL where he was born and raised; in which he attended Miami Norland Senior High and also living within distance of Hardrock Stadium home of the Miami Dolphins. Kamiikaze released his debut Ep titled "My Haters Love Me" as well as his debut mixtape "Humble Beginnings" simultaneously back in August 2015. Both "My Haters Love Me" and "Humble Beginnings" provides a euphoric melodic sound, with a nice street soul aesthetic theme, and maintains a collection of profound metaphors. If Kamiikaze could be best defined it would be as a versatile but yet dynamic artist, meaning he could adapt to any beat while still dictating his own unique sound but with consistent progress. Kamiikaze was first introduced to music at the age of eight by his older brother a independent artist and producer at the time. Kamiikaze recalled at the time his big brother Gary Matthias was in high school making beats with his keyboard and rapping on them to the lyrics that he wrote all in the studio of his bedroom until he went off to college at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Kamiikaze didn't actually start to make music seriously until he himself went off to college at FAU (Florida Atlantic University), during his Freshmen year. Kamiikaze and good friend Denzel Gantt of also known as Uro Slim, both friends from high school and then college roommates, manage to put together there own at home studio at there Boca Raton apartment. Kamiikaze list a number reasons why he actually started to pursue his career as a musician, from him wanting to be his own favorite rapper as well as boss, just inspiring others that can relate to his content, interest in traveling, to having a career that support his daily cannabis consumption.